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[This is part 2, the conclusion of the previous post]

While I will still pursue the Early Voting legislation in November, I think that essence of the job was done that day.

Please enjoy a Paper Ballot, and avoid standing in line on Election Day. Go to the Elections office on STX, STT, or STJ in from now until Nov. 2 to cast on the spot your walk-in absentee ballot!

And please remember to vote Craig W. Barshinger, #4 on the ballot, for Senator-at-large!

Thank you for your continuing support,


Footnote: Perhaps you asked yourself, "How could John Abramson make that decision by calling Board Members during lunch?" The answer is, he cannot. Such a policy decision needs to be called as an agenda item at a Board meeting, and acted upon officially. Nonetheless, I am confident that the formal treatment will be fulfilled, and my office will verify that is has been done so prior to November 2.

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