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As we gratefully accept nature's gift of abundant water for our cisterns, we must be mindful of the need to engineer our roads such that they do not flood or wash out. An example of doing it right is the Frydenhoj area where Dept of Public Works under Commissioner Phillips finally fixed the flooding problem that persisted for years. On St. Croix, a major solution was engineered for Mon Bijou.


Examples of incorrectly engineered roads are the Brookman Rd on STT and the Williams Delight area on STX. I applaud Public Works' new policy of engineering the flow of water first, then paving. It serves little purpose to place asphalt over an unstable base.


Please travel with care and do not cross flowing water if you don't know how deep it is. You can always reverse and take another route to your destination.


Please email my office with area where you observe flooding. Take a photo with your cell phone or digital camera. My staff will make sure that Dept of Public Works is notified of the problem area. The email is senator @ barshinger .net.




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